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Monday, October 30, 2006


...usually suck. I usually come home from class, put off homework, spend way too much time on the net, and reflect on the weekend.

Not today. Today AtP took the Jerman and I to Salt Lake so I could do an assignment for my Church History class. One amazing lunch and a visit to the art museum later, we spent the day driving around Salt Lake and asking each other random questions.

For me, it was amazing. I'm so content right now. I don't know what else to say. Sometimes I have a hard time talking about personal things, but we were all so open with each other. Somehow I felt like I gained something today. Then there was an amazing sunset over the mountains on the way home...Life is beautiful.

I love you guys.


Blogger Klobas said...

did you know that you can keep the party moving with McDonald's dollar menu?

At least that's what TV tells me.

12:03 AM  

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