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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Doing better

Returning to Uta (no h on purpose) meant returning to problems. With renewed strength from my trip home, I came back. That didn't make going to school on Monday very easy though. And with my random neck "injury," I wasn't very happy to be back in Uta.
A dear dear wonderful friend and I had a long chat online Monday night. I was able to talk to him about some things that had been on my mind, and he expressed concerns he had as well. I could tell he really cared. I went away from that conversation a bit more peaceful, and I thought about it for a long time as I lay in bed.
Then, staring at the ceiling, I had a long talk with God. I laid everything out, explained what I was struggling with, what I was worried about. I went into depth, and got all of my thoughts out, and then made a deal with him. I promised I would trust in him and do what he would have me do if he would just give me the strength to keep going and to be happy. I thanked him for my incredibly family and friends and the support they lend me. I thanked him for the wonderfully blessed life that I lead. Feeling lighter and refreshed, I fell asleep.
The past few days have been significantly better. Not that anything wonderful happened. Not that I didn't have any worries or disturbances. But I've just had such a better attitude. I feel confident that everything will be all right. I'm not sure how everything will work out, but I know that it will.
I just need to remember that.


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